The tension in JJ's, the bar attached to Casa Di Pizza on Elmwood, was so thick through 40 minutes you could feel it. A roomful of people were on the edge, shrieking, gasping, cringing at every turnover, save, hit. When Patrick Kaleta scored his goal about six minutes into the 3rd period, the sudden explosion of noise and celebration actually jarred the co-axial cable connected to the box loose.

As loud as the cheers were inside JJ's and every other bar in Buffalo, the boos by the home crowd late in the third period were louder as the Flyers squandered their last powerplay of the game in a futile effort to tie things up. The frustration was apparent on the ice and it translated into the stands as the home team's breakout from their own zone fell further and further back as the orange-clad faithful's temper grew shorter and shorter.

The Sabres played a perfect road game to open the series, with a stifling defense and opportune scoring. If they want to keep up with a Flyers team that will no doubt double their efforts next game, they'll need to find their scoring touch. Patrick Kaleta isn't going to win them a series. The top six needs to figure out what they're doing and do it. They'll get their chance at 5PM on Saturday during game two.

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