Anybody remember Rusted Root? Something about the harmonica and percussion in the song "Send Me On My Way" that just screams 90's. Even though the song was written for hippies, it is most remembered from the kids movies Matilda and Ice Age. This video is so Bohemian it makes Woodstock look like the annual Republican Convention.  If you watch this music video it's impossible to not crack a smile at the joy they are sending out. Free Love!!!

Rusted Root will be performing tonight at Rapids Theater in Niagara Falls, so why not relive the vibe and those classic rusted root bongos. While "Send Me on My Way" was the only commercially successful song for the band, might Jack suggest "Ecstasy", the opening track from "When I Woke" (but make sure you don't skip over the "Drum Trip" intro). Oh and by the way Rusted Root has new music too. Of course thier faithful fans already know that.

*Story contributed by Scott Schiff