Local indie band Bearhunter formed in 2006 and just released their third album, Call It A Red, this month on Harvest Sum Recordings. David Calos (vocals/guitar), Mike Calos (drums) and Robert Pusateri (bass/vocals) went in a different direction with their new record, and the result is refreshing.

Catch Bearhunter with Handsome Jack tomorrow night at Gonzos (7 Main St., Lockport).

Listen to "Worry" from Call It A Red.

I spoke to David about the band's new record, songwriting and his current playlist.

Can you tell me about your new album?

I like to think of the third album as the third album of a trilogy. All the songs are super ridiculously personal songs about whatever's going on in my life. This album has songs more about the problems I created and I have to deal with them instead of [complaining] about them like I did on the first two records.

Why did you choose to record to analog tape?

It was more of my brother Mike's idea. He wanted it to sound more like us. We wanted to make something that was reproducible and cuddly and warm and full of all the mistakes. We didn't even do that many takes or anything, but I still like it.

What are your goals for the band?

I hope to get as many people to listen to our music as possible. That’s really all I like. I like other people to listen to my music. I have no aspirations for record deals or money or anything like that. If someone I don't know hears it I am more than pleased.

Where do you find your inspiration for songwriting?

I have two kids and a wife and two businesses and tons of stress that I take on. I take on more than I can handle then I want to [complain] about it, so I write songs. It’s cathartic.

What are you listening to right now?

A lot of new stuff. I’m a big fan of the album. Steely Dan today. Queens of the Stone Age. Vampire Weekend. That’s just today. It changes every week. Next week I might just want to listen to something from my childhood.

What’s next for you guys? Have anything in the works?

We have a show on August 3 at the Tuscarora Inn in Lockport. We'll see if we can make it through the summer without killing each other.

Find more information about Bearhunter on Facebook and Twitter. More of their music can be streamed on Soundcloud.

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