Ever notice how some guys just do not seem to possess the proper genetics to be strong, successful or you know, get laid? According to a new study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports. That’s because some men lack the actual gene that allows them to be risk-takers.

Researchers say that this supposed “Mega Man” gene affects how dopamine is distributed throughout the brain. In a study of nearly 500 thrill-seekers, researchers found that the majority of those with the gene were sporting enthusiasts, and much more likely to attempt to accomplish feats they had never tried before. Those who lacked the gene were more likely to prefer a seat on the sidelines.

Even if you are more of a dud than a stud, experts encourage you to try new things and force yourself to occasionally take necessary risks in order to follow your passion in life. Setting small goals for yourself, rather than always focusing on the outcome of your actions, is a great way to enjoy small successes – leading to much larger victories in the future. It's not all genes, after all.

When it comes to picking up women, experts recommend trying to engage them outside of a bar setting, without the 13 beers and martini in your gut doing the talking for you. Believe it or not, most women prefer to spend time with a man who is confident and sober, rather than a slobbering idiot grinding on them on the dance floor. Who knew!