I love hockey and I love hockey hits! It's part of the game. But, sometimes there are hits that just scream penalty! The hit yesterday, that Mike Richards, of the Flyers, delivered to Tim Connolly, of the Sabres, was enough to take Connolly out of the game, and potentially the season! He should have been suspended, but the league once again decided not to take action on a head hit, and Richards will be in the lineup tomorrow night for Game 7.

While reading a few different opinions, I came across one that peaked my intrest. It was a review on the NBC interview with Mike Richards, where Richards said "did Connolly [trip up] before he hit the boards"... Not sure what Richards thought, or saw, but while I was watching I didn't see anything that would lead me to believe this! Remember Richards is the player that said "the Sabres were getting away with Murder."

I get that everything happens very quick in hockey, but watching that hit made me think he was delivering it with a purpose, maybe even trying to send a message.  I wanted to vomit while reading this article by Travis Hughes. I get he is a Flyers fan but sometimes your love for your team blinds you!

It was nice to read another article from the Philadelphia Sports Daily that seemed unbiased. They took a look at the hit from, what seemed like, an outsiders point of view! In this article Dave Isacc explains the hit and how it is unfair for the Sabres to be out one of their best players to a hit like this! He feels it is only fair for the league to take a look at the hit (this coming from a Philadelphia local).  Ryan Miller said it best, if the Sabres are getting away with murder, then Mike Richards got away with Mass Murder.

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