Hey if you were looking to watch the Biggest Loser tonight, sorry, the State of the Union will be on all the major networks. So we understand, if the only reason you're listening to us tonight is because of the State of the Union, we welcome you to Jack FM's apathy. But I got to tell you that tonight's speech is causing quite the fuss. Some are calling it "date night" or the "Kumbaya Congress". Calling for an end to political in-fighting, many Democrats and Republicans will sit together in a show of solidarity to the end of the partisan madness. The idea caught fire after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords, and gained momentum after Obama's rousing speech at the Tuscon Memorial Service a couple of weeks ago. So don't be surprised when you see Chuck Schumer sitting next to Thomas Coburn and Kirsten Gillibrand, hooked up with Sen. John Thune. And that my friends is must see TV.