I am a fan of having knowledge on nonsense.  Even if this story reads like it should be out of the 90's, I felt the need to pass it along to you.  Since many of you will be at Superbowl parties Sunday, feel free to dazzle and amaze your friends and family with this tidbit of useless information. In a podcast for Nerdist.com, West, who played dimwitted feline Stimpson J. Cat on the cult show Ren & Stimpy, said a young Cobain strolled into the offices of Spumco, the company behind the show, and offered up a track. Voice actor Billy West says Nirvana star Kurt Cobain once submitted a song for use in a "Ren & Stimpy Show" cartoon.  

West says, "One day, this scraggly kid came in and said he wanted to write a song for 'Ren & Stimpy' ... and it was Kurt Cobain. [The TV execs] said, 'Yeah, that's great', and they threw it in the wastebasket."

Leave it to the suits to make all the right decisions.  I don't even care that they didn't give Kurt a break but c'mon, they tossed the tape!  I can hear Ren Höek  now, "You fat, bloated EEDIOTS!"