Today is the 11th anniversary of 9/11 -- a day of remembrance, and a day to honor those lost 11 years ago in one of America’s greatest tragedies. But did you know you could celebrate by getting a large cheese pizza for $9.11? What a deal!

Riva’s Pizza in Williamsville shared the above photo/coupon on its Facebook page Monday morning, offering a discounted pie to those who brought in the coupon printed out or on a cell phone.

Maybe I’m being a little sensitive or reading too much into it, but the promotion bothered me. Yes, 9/11 should be remembered, revered and mourned, but a fast food promotion is not the way to go about it.

According to a friend who was able to read the advertisement before I could, it also stated that a part of the proceeds would be donated to victims’ families. A nice gesture, but I wonder if these families are as nauseated as I was by the tribute?

The coupon has since been taken down, but no explanation has been offered on the business’s Facebook page or website. I think the owner’s heart was in the right place, but the execution was a mistake.

I've also seen several Facebook photos asking for “likes” to help remember the tragedy and people asking for “retweets” to memorialize the innocent victims.

I was only 11 years old when the Twin Towers fell in that horrifying attack of terrorism. It was the only time I’ve seen my father cry. While I haven’t personally lost loved ones to the hatred, I still have a heavy heart knowing I live in a world where such animosity can exist

Is this how we should be commemorating the lives lost in this 21st century digital age? Should we be begging for attention on social media or offer moments of silence throughout the day? Do we not remember the one of the biggest blows to international security and the American psyche if we don’t post it on our statuses?

I’m curious what you guys think , what you’re doing to honor those lost and what other ways you’ve seen 9/11 pop up in social media.