Neil Patrick Harris' Barney Stinson character threw the first insult at Buffalo girls, and now Reggie Bush has added fuel to the fire with a disparaging remark of his own.

Yesterday (November 13) on the Paul and Young Ron Radio Show, Bush was told by one of the hosts that "the women will be out there topless in that weather."

"You don't want to see that," his co-host added, to which Bush responded, "Not Buffalo women."

This from the guy who had sex with Kim Kardashian, the sleaziest chick on the planet.  And the way Reggie Bush has played this season, he might want to keep his comments to football.

What is it with all the Buffalo jokes? Tom Brady attacked our hotel rooms, and hockey player Emerson Etem called Buffalo a ghost town and the worst city ever.

Yeah, I guess we do take it kinda personal. We love our city, despite its flaws. And there are plenty of attractive women in Buffalo. Many athletes have come through Buffalo and enjoy living here now that their playing careers are over. And guess what? Many have married very attractive Buffalo women, much to the dismay of many Buffalo men. Turns out Reggie Bush is the boob.