Don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty amped up about tonight's Sabres game. My anticipation is pretty high, so I thought I'd quell my excitement with a little hockey trivia. Hopefully, I got all the answers right.

  1. What Sabre player scored 3 goals on 3 shots this season?
  2. What player scored 3 goals on 3 shots against the Sabres?
  3. What song did the U.S. hockey team forget the words to while celebrating a win over the Soviets at the 1980 Olympics?
  4.  Before they were the “Maple Leafs” and the “Red Wings”, what were the team names of these original six franchises?

See how you did after the jump. Answers

  1. Drew Stafford
  2. Derek Stepan of the Rangers in the Home Opener (first 3 NHL shots by the way).
  3. Mike Ramsey and the rest of the U.S. Olympic Team forgot the words to God Bless America long before Christina Aguilera forgot the words to the National Anthem.
  4. Sabres fans (especially from South Buffalo) would have a hard time hating Toronto if they were still called the "St. Patricks" and the Wings likely got their bird like name from the Franchises previous moniker "Falcons". Before that they were Cougars, which is probably why they drafted Steve Yzerman and traded for Madonna.

I have lots more hockey trivia that I'll be dishing out tonight at the Frog Hair Grille & Golf in Williamsville. Stop out and cheer Buffalo on to victory with Jack FM and the Sticker Pimps. We'll also have a longest drive competiton in the golf simulator too. Should be fun.