R.E.M. said they where done for good about four years ago.

Since then, very little has been heard form the boys.

Now comes word that the band is writing new material and may include some of it in an upcoming 'best of' package.

The big question: Will R.E.M. your in support of the project?

Our guess is no, as getting together for a song or two is one thing, but going on the road for a year is something that split the band up in the first place.

Also, we all love R.E.M, but their last tour together wasn't what you would call 'Huge'.

In fact, money was lost at the end of the tour, due to poor ticket sales in some major markets.

Fear not R.E.M. fans, you'll get to hear some new stuff next year, but don't count on a tour.

By the way, "That's me in the corner"

Thanks for asking.