For years, there have been rumors that Prince will star in a squeal to the ground-breaking film that took him from being a star and made him one of the biggest superstars on the planet.

The idea is to show Prince's character "The Kid" 30 years later, still living in Minneapolis and having to raise his own son, who, like dear old Dad, is also a tortured musician.

They tried this before, sort of.

in 1990, Prince starred in 'Graffiti Bridge', a film was such a mess, even if it was a sequel, it was soon forgotten by everyone, including Prince.

Say what you will about Prince, but he's not stupid (except for that 'Love Sexy' album cover).

Prince is done making movies and done with 'Purple Rain Part 2', but the studios smell money and will keep coming back to The Purple One in hopes he will change his mind.

Not to stir up too much 'Controversy' but we hear it's just a 'Sign o' The Times' that Prince has moved on.

John Sciulli, Getty Images