We always hear crazy stories about some movie star or rapper getting paid millions to appear at a private party thrown by a billionaire.

The reality is that for many artists, the private party is a very vital part of their income.

Bands that couldn't fill an arena or a large club are always doing these kind of events, as the payday is very good.

Even people like Meatloaf love these kinds of gigs.

The Loaf feels that it's a win-win situation.

He gets paid well, he eats well and the guest of honor is happy.

Then there are the corporate convention concerts.

These pay huge and bands like R.E.O, STYX, Foreigner and even Journey play them all the time.

Before you start planning your next New Years eve party featuring Van Halen playing in your basement, keep in mind that the price for even a mid level band is around a hundred grand.

More if you include Meatloaf's food.