A private collector is divesting himself of 12-thousand Elvis Presley albums this week.  The UK's "Mirror" reports that Bamfords Auctioneers & Valuers is putting the collection of mint-condition vinyls on the blocks today.  The albums' owner Steve Lacey says he began to amass discs upon hearing that Rock n' Roll's "King" had died.  Lacey remembers, quote, "It began when I was eleven and I heard he had died.  I got a paper round and spent everything on the collection.  I worked five nights a week in a chippie to buy more."

The English pub landlord picked up Elvis vinyls from around the globe, a factor that's expected to impact the collection's sale.  The auction is expected to draw an estimated 250-thousand pounds or 398-thousand U.S. dollars.  Lacey says he's selling his Presley discs for his three children.