The Erie Basin Marina will be filled with more than 700 hockey players when the Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tourney returns to Buffalo . The tournament has been expanded to a three day event,Friday, Feb. 11- Sunday, Feb. 13  and featuring 124 teams. Skill levels will be determined, and teams evenly divided between novice, intermediate and advanced players. Once again, the Pond Hockey Tourney will coincide with the Powder Keg Festival. Should be a real fun weekend in Western New York. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, last year some games were cancelled because it was actually too warm. Ice was melting and conditions became unsafe. Still, nobody seemed to be complaining. .It's a great weekend, and it's good to see Buffalo taking advantage of our cold weather reputation. You can sign up for the tourney here , on a first-come, first serve basis beginning January 1 at 12 pm. Don't believe this is going to be a good time? Watch the video below from the first year of the Pond Hockey Tourney in Buffalo. But, be careful not to be overcome by product placement.