The 4 month old Occupy Buffalo camp that began on October 1st of 2011 has come to an abrupt end. Buffalo police showed up in force last night and gave the protesters the choice of leaving peacefully or be arrested. A majority of the occupy movement left as directed but a few stood their ground and were cuffed and taken to jail.

The whole ordeal began at around 2 a.m. when police and members of the Buffalo public works department showed up with bulldozers and trucks to take down the encampment. The agreement between Occupy Buffalo and the city expired on at midnight on Tuesday.

The Buffalo Police Department released the following statement:

"The city offered a five week extension until March 8, that was rejected by Occupy Buffalo. The city is disappointed that Occupy did not accept the extension as the two sides have worked cooperatively over the past four and a half months.

"The city will now enforce its laws and ordinances in the wake of this refusal to enter into a reasonable transition agreement."

Occupy Buffalo responded by saying "We feel this is the first act of aggression from the City towards the protest in Niagara Square, and like the raid on Lafayette Square, should be condemned for the same reasons. These are Buffalonians, and they are Americans, with a right to peacefully assemble and exercise free speech, without curfew. No one should have the power to take that away from law-abiding taxpaying citizens."