Wednesday morning at around 9:00 am, neighbors of a duplex in Tonowanda heard a "gigantic boom" the Buffalo News reports. Jonathon Smith, the man who lived at this duplex, was seriously burned by the explosion as neighbors explained.

Now, police are saying that through the evidence they gathered, the event look intentional. When asked about a possible motive as to why someone would try to blow up their own apartment, Lt.Nicholas A. Bado responded "Relationship problems".

Police now believe that Smith had intentionally opened up the gas valve that was in a small closet in his duplex, a spot where a washer/dryer hook-up would usually go. Smith was also heard mentioning lighting a cigarette when the explosion occured.

This is yet another strange event. No one is certain yet as to why Smith would ever pull such a stunt, but if it is relationship problems, he might want to think about getting out of that relationship before it blows up in his face.