It’s that time of year again and, like so many other years, the Bills failed to make a playoff appearance.

I think I’m OK with it. After all, it’s pretty much commonplace around here. But what really fuels my fire is all the “what if” talk.

What if Fred Jackson didn’t get hurt? What if they pulled out a win against the Bengals? What if they were able to best the Giants?

What I don’t understand is how they can say, “a couple games didn’t go our way. We should’ve won [insert game here].” There seemed to be some they won that they most definitely shouldn’t have.

New England anyone? How about Oakland?

I don’t want to take anything away from the Bills. Those were hard-fought wins. They were exciting. They gave us hope. But if you’re looking at one side of the “what ifs,” you have to look at the other. What this tells me – and I hope it tells the organization – that we do not have what we need to make the playoffs.


Here’s to a productive offseason.