After reading an article from the Buffalo News about why Buffalo loves our Sabres so much, I was reminded of how my Mom and I are when watching sporting events!

The article talks about why Sabres fans live for the wins and die by the losses. The article also talks about sports superstitions and what measures we will take, as fans, to ensure a win! As if our actions have an enormous impact on the outcome of the game... Unless you're at the game and supporting the Sabres, then maybe!

Anyway, whenever I watch sports on TV or even if I go to a game with my Mom, I get so frustrated with her when she says "Oh  well, that's the game. I guess they lost!" I usually at this point look at her and say "Are you serious... You just jinxed us, now we are going to lose for sure!" Which she usually laughs and immediately retaliates with "Oh yes, what I say is what will decide the end of the game!" and then "We are going to make an ESPN comeback!" followed by a laugh.  Needless to say I find her less than amusing, and at the end of the game when we lose I blame her! I have learned my lesson... I don't watch crucial games with my Mom if I want my team to win!!! What do you do to ensure your team wins?