I started a bit of a feud on Facebook this week, surrounding the Penn State alleged sex abuse scandal. After expressing my displeasure of Joe Paterno setting his own retirement, before he was fired, someone had the audacity to defend the coach.

This caused a bit of an uproar among people who don’t even know each other.

Now, I know Joe Pa didn’t physically commit these heinous crimes. I know that. But I just can’t see how anyone can defend him when they knew it was happening.

The heated exchange on Facebook began when someone – a mother – said it was “hearsay” and that Joe couldn’t believe it because it could’ve been a rumor. True. It could’ve been. Although that is one mean rumor to spread. But as a human being, wouldn’t you at least confront your friend? Wouldn’t you try to protect innocent lives? Isn’t something like that more of a tip? How criminals are caught?

Sure Sandusky was fired – more than a decade ago. But that wasn’t enough. He was on the Penn State campus just last week.

In my opinion, Joe Paterno and anyone else who didn’t notify the authorities are accomplices. They stood by and let it happen. There is no gray area here.

And, since these coaches are held to very high moral standards, Paterno should’ve been given the boot immediately. I mean, if former Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel got fired for covering up players getting tattoos in exchange for their trophies, shouldn’t Joe Paterno face something worse than just being fired?

Joe Paterno is not the victim. I hope his supporters stop treating him like that. Innocent lives are forever ruined. This is much bigger than football.