We’re pretty jacked about the new Green Latern movie, despite Ryan Reynolds being named the sexiest man on earth. See, Ryan, no hard feelings. This is a superhero movie that needed to be made. You could argue that next to Superman, the Green Latern is the most powerful superhero in the Universe. Unless his battery goes dead, then his powers are rendered as useless as your smart phone.

Hal Jordon was chosen to carry the power of the ring (apparently aliens read GQ) and wear the skin-tight suit of the Green Lantern. Watch as he embarks on an epic adventure, learns to use the ring (it didn’t come with a manual), before facing a super-villan with a head as large as his codpiece. No, this isn’t a trailer for the Greatest American Hero, Joey Scarbury.
Makers of the movie found as many ways as possible to get Reynolds shirtless or in his underwear in the trailer. It sets the back- story of a wild, womanizing pilot who accidently comes into possession of the ring that gives the Lantern his powers. Here’s the official Trailer: