I’m not a fan of “Two and a Half Men,” or Charlie Sheen. But his outspoken, outrageous behavior is just something I couldn’t pass up posting. Normally after rehab, celebrities do their best to stay out of the spotlight and focus on their comeback. Sheen, in my opinion, makes his situation worse every time he opens his mouth. He exudes a superiority that only he seems to believe is accurate. Now, Sheen says he’ll return to top-rated show, on one condition—that he get a raise. That’s right, a raise! I was shocked when I found out too. So how much is the actor demanding? Only $3 million an episode. I guess almost $2 million per episode isn’t enough to pay the bills. And Sheen says he deserves the raise after everything they (the show and producers) put him through. What else did the “Two and a Half Men” star say?  Watch and find out in his one on one interview with “Today.”