Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jack Black, Steven Tyler, TLC, WOW, what a mind bomb last night... If you watched the Sason Finale of American Idol, you would understand exactly what I mean. The acts that performed were a mix of emotions. Some were basic,good performances, while others brought goosebumps to your skin, and finally there were the ones that made you want to gouge your eyes out!

To be completely honest, the only reason we watched American Idol last night was because we heard another Jack was going to be on it.  And Jack Black you did us proud with Fat Bottom Girls. Glad to see you got our request!  

So, maybe we are a little bias to the songs we like. I mean, Steven Tyler?... Who knew he still had it! What an amazing rendition of Dream On.  But seriously, Now that American Idol is over does Tyler have any career options?... Oh yeah, Aerosmith. Hopefully they will still want him! I can never keep that straight. Oh yeah, there was a comedy act in there as well. Lady Gaga melested a lion! Check out our videos below!