The "Wii:U" is the new game system by Nintendo that happens to be entirely different then the "Wii."  I know, sometimes it sucks when technology is always changing but at least you can still use the same controllers! 

This new game system comes fully equipped with a new built in touch screen controller that provides HD imaging along with many more cool features.  The console system itself looks semi similar to the first Wii but is a lot smaller with a more futuristic look.  When playing a game, you can either play it on the big screen or right off of the new controller.  Although this seems amazing, the controller is not portable, meaning you will still need to buy the Nintendo:DS, if you want to play wherever. 

 The "Wii:U" will be hitting the market in early 2012.  The company has yet to put a price on this semi-cool product.  Do you think this new game console will be a hit or just a passing fad?

Check out the video below and see what you think!