Could it be? Is the end to the NHL lockout finally getting closer? The NHL offered the players union a 50/50 split in hockey related revenue, a drop from the 57 percent that the players received in the past, along with a full 82-game season to begin on November 2 (a money saver so teams won't have to refund season ticket holders).A season opener this late in the year would mean the season would run through June. It would really cut into players' golf games but would lead us fans right into football, and I'm cool with that.

A conference call has been scheduled for 5 p.m. today (October 16), and if the owners and players can come to an agreement, there should be an announcement within the next day or so.

Hopefully this whole thing can get sorted out soon because I'm getting really sick of watching billionaires argue with millionaires about how to share their money while I'm trying to pay for gas and eating mac 'n cheese for dinner.*

While you're waiting for the season to begin, find out what other fans are not saying about the lockout.

(*The mac 'n cheese is actually by choice. I mean, who doesn't love mac 'n cheese?)