After a few weeks into a new season of Saturday Night Live, one starts to get a feel for the new cast members.

That is, unless half the cast is new.

Last year, we witnessed so many longtime "not ready for prime time" leave the show, many thought it would be a long time before those left standing would get their mojo.

We are glad to say that not only are the new members up to the task, some seem like they have been on the show for years.

Back in the day, Dr. Evil had to fly people in to try out. Now, producers can see auditions online and save everyone a lot of stress and time.

Quiz: Do you know who below is still on the show?

NBC / Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images

If you said the guy on the right, you are correct.

Now, if we could just remember his name...

Jay Pharaoh?

Very good.