Mick Jagger has gained a reputation for his ability to bed some severe hotties, and over the weekend, an excerpt from his new biography Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger detailed his affair with model and future French First Lady, Carla Bruni, and his obsession with a young Angelina Jolie,who starred in the 1997 Rolling Stones video, “Anybody Seen My Baby.”

The book also alledges that Mick had a long-term love affair with David Bowie. If you’ve ever watched the “Dancing in the Streets” video, they're nearly making love to each other (it's also very funny), so that revelation may just be the world’s worst-kept secret.

The book was written by Christopher Anderson, who writes that “Bowie and Jagger were soon spotted everywhere together without their wives: sitting ringside at the Muhammad Ali-Ken Norton bout, hanging out at the London disco Tramp, yelling and stomping their approval at a Diana Ross concert, or just cuddling up together on a hotel room couch.”

According to the author, Bowie and Jagger really got their gay on watching a little man-on-man, dancing-in-the-sheets porn together. Both men have bedded some of the most beautiful women in the world, so we think maybe they weren’t bisexual, just a little bored at the time.

But what we're really wondering is if Bowie wore those wonderful dresses for Mick.