Those of you with iPhones know how much they have made your lives simpler.  ordering tickets to movies, looking up information on the fly, apps that can control your home electronics, and the list goes on.  Now the iPhone is helping those who not long ago would have had to rely on the kindness of others. 

Bill Stachowiak has been blind since birth it wasn't until just a year ago that he received his first guide dog.  Bill stopped me in the hall the other day and was excited about his new iPhone and the cool apps that he downloaded to make his life easier.  One in particular was very useful and helps Bill do something that the rest of take for granted every day.  This particular app is a currency reader and lets Bill know if he's holding a one, five, 20, 50 or 100 dollar bill.  Up until the day Bill downloaded this app he would have to rely on others to let him know what denomination he was holding.

Bill and I decided to create this video in hopes of spreading the word to others who would find these apps useful.