It’s the holiday season, meaning Christmas parties and gatherings with friends and family. This is also the season for the not so pleasant mornings after those parties. Just in time, a Harvard-Grad has developed and released a new hangover remedy.

The pill is labeled under the name “Blowfish,” and is a dissolvable tablet you take the morning after a night of drinking. The drug’s ingredients are FDA approved (so you know it’s good) and include aspirin, caffeine, and antacid among other things. Creator Brenna Haysom came up with the idea while in school over seven years ago, but put it on hold while she was employed at a New York City equity firm. “Blowfish” is the first drug specifically designed to cure hangovers, and is already available in some NYC drug stores. A national release is expected in early 2012.

I imagine the drug does not work the same on everyone, and should not be expected to cure ultra-hangovers, like seen here: