There are always new restaurants popping up in Buffalo, NY and around Western New York, and we know it is hard for foodies to keep up! So what new restaurants do we have in 2016 that you might want to consider making a stop to check out?

It's Western New York's first true Spanish tapas restaurant featuring food and drinks by Chef Scott and Monica Kollig.

“The food is beyond spectacular. The menu is again on point with the tapas style theme they are going for. Lots of small and medium plates to share, just like in traditional tapas bars. The decor is pure, traditional Espanol," says Naitik G. on

5415 Sheridan Drive, Williamsville, NY

Meats and cheese, raclettes and fondues plus a-la-carte charcuterie and cheese boards. Raclettes is a full-service restaurant and bar at 537 Main Street in Buffalo. The raclette meal is a Frenhc/Swiss tradition, but also make sure to try out some cheese and chocolate fondues or the crepes when you are there.

I was so excited to try Raclettes.  My two favorite food groups are bread and cheese, and I love French food in general.  Raclettes did not disappoint and I will definitely be returning....

They have a regular dinner menu, but you can also order from the Raclette menu, which is essentially a selection of meats, cheeses and veggies that you grill at your table and fill your own crepes with," says Katie G on

537 Main Street, Buffalo, NY

NYE Park Tavern

Something for everyone here. Tavern atmosphere but truly high end food too. You can do the pub fare but there are also elegant entrees as well," says norasmom on TripAdvisor. 

For our entrees we each tried a burger and wings. Typical pub food, but they were all delicious. This is a great alternative if you're looking for something different than the typical pub place. The beer options are also great. I opted for a hard cider," Sarah M. wrote on

1672 Elmwood Ave Buffalo NY 14207

Named a Best of WNY 2016 spot, this restaurant is in the heart of Elmwood and Allen and serves Latin Fusion cuisine with a heavy Cuban influence.

Oh. My. God. I loved this place! My husband and I were celebrating some good news today and we decided to finally come try Pasion. The prices are a bit high but you're getting quality food. Our shrimp pinchos were so flavorful. Everything was so amazing," wrote Samantha N. on


Okay, so maybe we shouldn't have this on the list, it is an ice cream soda pop shop more than a restaurant, but it is pretty unique. It serves classic malts, milkshakes and sodas.

523 Main Street, Buffalo, NY

This meat and potatoes place offers classic dishes with an upscale twist. You can get pierogi stuffed with braised short rib or steak with horseeradish aioli and the menu keeps going!

414 Pearl Street, Buffalo, NY

Frankie Primo’s +39

ITALIAN! Pizza, pasta, a sandwich -- they do it like they have been doing it forever. The atmosphere instantly makes you feel like you are in the perfect place for a taste of Italy.

Ate eat not expecting very much. I was quite surprised!!!

The food was absolutely exquisite, and moderately priced for its quality. The pasta tasted fresh, some of the best pasta that I've had since Italy. The staff is very friendly, and there's even an authentic Limoncello aperitif," says John C. on

51 West Chippewa Street, Buffalo