One day nerds will rule the world. Billionaires are now coming from the geek rank and file, just look at Mark Zuckerberg. Develop some website, app or viral video and you are well on your way to stardom. But despite the level of fame some dweebs rise too, the one thing that has always eluded them was the ability to become cool.

Take it from me, a guy who was picked on all through grammar school and high school, it ain't easy being popular. Now if only some dweeb could figure out scientifically how to tap that cool genome the way Steve Urkel did when he became Stefan.

Well, the results may only be theoretical, but believe me when I say scientists are hard at work to crack the cool code. First off the study was headed by some guy named Dar-Nimrod. If you grew up with the last name Nimrod, believe me this would become your life work too.
"Coolness has really two faces," Dar-Nimrod told the LA Times. "One is the face of someone like Miles Davis, the other is the face of a person who is considered to be confident and successful and attractive but doesn't have much of the edginess."

Want to have that Don Draper or James Dean swagger? Researchers identified it as a detached, effortless attitude that is part emotional control and unflappable confidence.

Any nerd will tell you the ability to demonstrate social grace doesn't come easy for them which is why we buried ourselves in games of Dungeons and Dragon and World of Warcraft. So put down the Star Trek DVD and stop trying so hard.