Looking for date ideas for your Buffalover? The Queen City is full of sensual and fun spots, but you don’t want to come off as a wannabe hipster, someone who clearly doesn't know his or her way around the city (cough-tourist-cough), or a stereotypical Buffalonian – I know you know what I’m talking about, and most of you probably will hate to admit that I’m about to spoil your plans. But take note, Buffalovers, and avoid these spots if you’re trying to woo a mate.

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Delaware Park

Delaware Park is a gorgeous place, but it’s almost tacky to bring a date here – it screams, “Look at how cultured I am! I’m an outdoors-y person!” while your date is thinking about how she knows you would cry if you got the slightest grass stain on your khakis.

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SPoT Coffee

While it's a great place to hang out or study any other day of the week, SPoT is not where you should go if you’re trying to impress a lady. One: The coffee and food is a bit overpriced – not worth it. And two: Every single-speed-riding hipster will be here, no matter which location you choose, and no one wants to deal with that. If you are aiming for the cute coffee shop atmosphere, try SweetNess 7 on Grant or Parkside, or head out to the suburbs and try Taste in East Aurora.

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Niagara Falls

This world wonder is the honeymoon capital of the world, but nothing screams cheesy like taking a date here. Niagara Falls is almost literally in our backyard, and it’s almost always going to be filled with all your world-traveling neighbors during daylight hours. It’s not romantic in the slightest when you go blind from all the flashes from tourists’ cameras. Save this one for a romantic summer night when the park is closed.

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Anywhere to Eat Chicken Wings

Don’t go to Duff’s. Don’t go to Anchor Bar. Don’t eat our city’s celebrated food on a date. Just don’t do it. No one looks sexy eating a chicken wing, and all that hot sauce will scare your lover away from your lips.

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Chippewa is sure to be full of Buffalo’s single residents, and it’s going to be too much to handle. Who wants to spend a date in a crowded bar or club, barely able to hear each other over loud music and people trying to pick each other up? A date is meant to be a romantic night out for you and your lover, not you and your lover and 100 other people.