Inspired by pumpkins, "pops" and sharp objects, I took to the gourds,beverages and blades to carve my own creative expression paying homage to one of my favorite bands of the 8o's

I must say, our host AD provided everything one would need to not only carve a pumpkin but a full turkey dinner. Along with food and refreshments it was one great Halloween Charlie Brown!

Battery powered mini-jigsaws, things called "gutters", pumpkin punches, stencils and other things that one would find in Dr. Frankenstein's lab.

I went freestyle with my Sharpie and thought long and hard. Nothing screams HAPPY HALLOWEEN more than the Mötley Crüe-

The bad boys of rock have “shouted at the devil” and date women with “looks that kill”. This particular logo was from their Theater of Pain album.

Others participated, we had fun and no one lost an appendage and we salvaged the pumpkin seeds. Happy Halloween