Tonight's (October 16) town hall presidential debate will go a long way to helping undecided voters choose a candidate and reaffirm those who already know who they are voting for. Regardless of the outcome of the debate, neither candidate would stand a chance against a pair of heavyweights who have already served if they were facing them this November 6.

Former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, according to a new Yahoo News/Esquire poll, would demolish either candidate in the election. In the survey, respondents were asked to choose between President Barack Obama and Reagan and Mitt Romney and Clinton. The results: Reagan beat Obama by 14 points while Clinton steamrollered Romney by 35 points. This wasn't a bi-partisan result either, as 23 percent of democrats choose Reagan over Obama, and 28 percent of republicans preferred Clinton to Romney.

Now, it's a bit unfair to the current candidates who don't have the history and nostalgia we feel toward Reagan and Clinton. And it's no surprise that two presidents that lead to the country to economic prosperity would be revered so high. What is clear is that Americans believe these two candidates are far less superior than these presidential all-stars.

Inevitably, you might wonder how a throwdown between Reagan and Clinton would turn out? The survey found Clinton getting 49 percent of the votes, versus 46 percent for Reagan, but because of margin of error it's considered a statistical tie.