The age-old cliche about white men not being able to jump has just been thwarted by a couple of Mormon missionaries.

A YouTube user named Jared Allen recently posted a video of his cousin, who is serving his mission in Dallas for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons), playing a pickup basketball game with a few locals.

According to Jared, his cousin Cole had been dying to play ball during his mission but hadn't had the chance to. When he finally had the opportunity, he and his fellow Elder kept it cool, under played...and then set the locals up for a huge upset.

The guys Cole and his partner played were great sports, and their commentary is probably the second best part of this video. The third best part (first according to Jared) is that their basketball game helped lead to the baptism of one of the guys' daughters.

Say what you'll say about the LDS/Mormon church, but this video is awesome.