Melissa Gorga is a fiesty and gorgeous singer, actress and one of the stars of the Bravo reality show ‘The Real Housewives of NJ.’

Melissa joined the “cast” last season and immediately became the nemesis of her sister-in-law, and resident show nutjob, Teresa Giudice. Maybe immediately isn’t a good word, since it seems that Teresa has disliked Melissa since the day her baby brother Joe brought her home to meet the other nutjobs family. Wait, no, nutjobs seems about right.

Teresa calls Melissa a “gold digger,” which are strong words coming from a woman that obviously married her husband for his money. It definitely wasn’t for his looks. They call him “Juicy” Joe because if you squeeze his head, puttanesca sauce drips out.

Melissa’s second album ‘On Display’ is available now.

We’d like to put her on display. In our house. In the bedroom. Does that sound creepy? Good, that’s what we were going for.