So, Shia LaBeouf is telling the world that he and Megan Fox did you-know-what during the filming of Transformers.



Megan, you’re hot. Like super smoking hot. And Shia, well, not only are you less fortunate, you seem like a super huge d-bag, too. There’s a reason your nerdy type was cast as the lead and super sexy Josh Duhamel plays a supporting role. Because you, indeed, fit the nerdy character.

But that’s not to insult the nerds. There are plenty of nerdy-types out there who are hotties. Paul Rudd may fall into this category. Daniel Radcliffe is another. Heck, even Megan’s husband, David Austin Green, is one. But Shia, I’m sorry. If the stories are true, then Megan was giving you pity sex.

But chin up, I think you’ll be great as the starring role in Michael Bay’s production of Tool Academy: The Movie.