Two weeks after trading Lee Evans to Baltimore, the Bills may have found his replacement in the form of last year's fourth-round draft pick, Marcus Easley.

Things seem to have fallen into place nicely for Easley this season. After sustaining a season-ending injury in training camp last year, the highly regarded prospect is finally making his way up the depth chart. The departure of wide receiver fixture Lee Evans left a gap in the offense, but the coaching staff was hopeful one of their young players would step up and fill the void. Donald Jones was given the first opportunity, only to sustain a head injury after a vicious hit during last week's Broncos game. The injury gave Easley another chance to shine, and this time he did.

Easley caught 5 passes for 51 yards and a touchdown in Saturday's win against the Jaguars. The Bills starting offense did well as a whole, with Ryan Fitzpatrick completing 11 fo 12 passes for 2 touchdowns with no interceptions. Steve Johnson was the reciepient one of those touchdowns, catching 4 passes for 76 yards. This was the first preseason game of the year in which the Bills starters scored a touchdown, something that was long overdue. After stating he wasn't happy last week, Fred Jackson was the clear cut starter receiving almost double the carries of his depth chart opponent, C.J Spiller.

If the Bills keep it up, they may actually win some games this year. Let's just enjoy this win while we can :