They say that March Madness causes a $4 billion in lost worker productivity. Let’s see if we can’t crack the $5 billion mark with Jack FM’s March BALDness! We're down to the Follicle 4 and your vote will determine Buffalo's best chrome dome!

Jaime-Lynn Winkler is baby beauty pageant bald and faces Benjamin “the Brain” Reiman who's hairline has not only retreated, it hauled ass.This may be the dumbest contest we've ever done, but don't tell that to Tom ‘Baby Face’ Orton whose picture gives us vertigo or Nick Evanczik who thinks rogaine is an aphrodesiac.

You can win $1,000 cash if you vote in Jack FM’s March Baldness Tournament. That’s right, we wasted valuable company resources creating an online bracket tournament dedicated to people with bald heads.What, like you have better things to do at work? Follicle 4 voting ends Sunday at 9 am with the Championship round immediately following. We'll crown the champ Monday Night.  Make a quick grand in Jack’s March Baldness! From the expert time wasters at Jack FM.