By Jillian Benedict

Madonna is touring. Isn’t that exciting? OK, it is for me. You see, Madonna was banned from my house growing up. My mother thought she was a slut and by listening to her music and watching her videos, I would be tainted. (News flash, mom: I was totally obsessed with her and I watched, listened and even imitated her music. And I turned out fine. Sort of.)

Now that I’m an adult and have somewhat of an income, I was excited to have a chance to see the one and only Madonna in concert. One problem though: that bitch’s ticket prices are spendy!

I think it’s $90 for the highest seat in the house. It’s over $200 if you want to be in the same time zone as her. And that’s not all. To get tickets a couple days before they go on sale to the general public – you guessed it – it costs even more money.


The fact is plenty of people are paying that kind of money. My one friend alone bought tickets (plural) to BOTH shows in Toronto. He showed me the total. I nearly passed out. And Madonna knows that there are plenty of suckers like my friend out there. She even said her prices are so high because she’s “worth it.”

But let’s face it – this isn’t Blonde Ambition Madonna. Sure, she looks great, sounds great and gave a kick-ass performance at the Super Bowl. But she’s not risqué Madonna, touching herself to “Like A Virgin” in front of thousands.

Is the 40+ Madonna worth it? I just don’t know. Tickets for the Cleveland show go on sale this weekend. We’ll see if she sucks me in.