I'm not a fan of the Jesus and Mary Chain, even though they are a huge deal to alternative rock fans, but business picked up when Mad Men actress Jessica Paré showed up backstage. I was too shy to press her for details of what she was doing in Buffalo -- my best guess is that she is dating the tour manager, because she was canoodling with him prior to the band going on stage -- and all I could say was "Holy crap, that's the chick from Mad Men."

I was thinking,  "Should I go talk to her?" Which I did, and, like my nightclub fails with other women of this ilk, I stumbled through my words, spitting out "Hey, uh, sorry...but I gotta ask...are you the girl from Mad Men?"

She smiled, actually embracing her stardom, and just said, "Yes, my name is Jessica," reaching out her hand to shake mine.

"No, no your not. You're Megan...Megan Draper," I retorted in my head before doing my best Chris Farley: "You know that one time you sang the Zoobie Zoo song? That was awesome!"

OK, I didn't actually say that. But I was thinking it, and wishing I didn't have my dorky little radio get-up on. I don't even remember what I said. I just knew I had just become a creepy little fan boy and did my best not to drool all over her.

I had so many questions: Where are they taking Megan Draper next? Is Don going to start fooling around on you? How did you manage to take the role of a secretary and turn it into a pivotal role on the show? What are the writers like? Is John Hamm really that cool?  And what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks are you doing in Buffalo?

But all I could get out was "Love your show, enjoy your stay!" In my head, all I kept hearing was "Holy crap, holy crap, HOLY CRAP!!!!" and here I was acting like the concierge in guest services.

She was really nice. I managed to get a picture with her -- actually two because I was worried my phone was going to die, so I had an intern snap it on her phone and then asked if I could take another with my phone. I'm such a doofus! Who does that?

Then they whisked her off to the safety of the band's trailer, likely thinking I was a security risk from all the staring I was doing. Ugh, I suck!

She came back to the stage right before the Jesus and Mary Chain went on, and, yes, she had handlers this time around. Jesus and Mary Chain rocked it, but I just kept staring at her, listening to her talk (you wouldn't believe how much she sounds just like Megan) and not believing it was real.

And like my night club days, walked away. Alone.