Have you ever wanted to snuggle with a complete stranger?  Of course not because that sounds strange and uncomfortable.  However, if you secretly desire a snuggle buddy, one University of Rochester graduate has determined that her most marketable skill is snuggling and is offering up her services for your enjoyment.

Jackie Samuel of Penfield has opened a new business called “The Snuggery.” Like something that would be available on Craigslist, Jackie offers her snuggling services for only $60 an hour.

And if you're thinking that Jackie must have some intense certifications and licenses to perform this task -- well, you'd be mistaken. Anyone can be a “qualified cuddler” and cozy up to strangers for a fee. This is great news to aspiring snugging professionals everywhere!

In Jackie’s defense, she says that snuggling is not about sex. Instead, she defends herself by saying it's more about relaxation and reducing stress. As of this point, the snuggling business (surprisingly) only has a few clients.

This leaves us with a very important question: Would you pay for someone to commit the sacred act of snuggling with you?

Contributed Megan Ziemianski