That echo you hear is the empty theater showing The Lone Ranger.

Here we go again.

A summer film comes out, looking like a sure thing, a blockbuster with a huge star.

Millions are spent on advertising -- and the ever important fast food co-promote.

Then, when the movie finally hits the theaters, the unthinkable happens.

People don't show up.

Such was the case with this past weekend's box office bomb, The Lone Ranger.

So what happened?

Only a few years ago, Johnny Depp was cranking out his third Pirates of the Caribbean film, breaking all kinds of box office records.

Have we had enough of the mega star?

Or, maybe we've grown tired of remakes from old TV shows.

Or, maybe, just maybe, the film just wasn't very good.

Whatever the cause, don't cry for Johnny -- he'll be just fine on his private island off the south of France.