Detox drama unfolds at the Betty Ford Center, and the starring role goes to…you guessed it..Lindsay Lohan. It’s a case of he said she said as a staff member at the center claims the young actress assaulted her. According to the rehab center, the staffer, Dawn Holland, was then fired after information about the incident was revealed. Normally these celebs make headlines before and after their quick stints in rehab. But I guess Lohan is one up on her peers. Whatever happened to good will towards men, peace and joy during the holiday season? I guess this will be one Christmas Lohan won’t forget.

Actress Lindsay Lohan called 911 to ask for police help during an "incident" at the Betty Ford Center, her lawyer said Wednesday.The statement from Shawn Chapman Holley came after the rehab center fired an employee who reportedly leaked details of a tussle with Lohan.