It is a sad day today: Local legend Dancin' Karl, or Disco Karl when he was out to watch Disco Duck, passed away yesterday (Wednesday, September 12).

If you have ever been to Mickey Rats on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you know Dancin' Karl. He could always be found either in front of the big tree or inside on the dance floor once the sun set for the evening. Yet the shades always stayed on -- perhaps because his smile was always so bright.

Everyone loved Karl, and he gave the love right back. It didn't matter what the music was -- it could have been hip-hop, disco or Friday nights with Caribbean Extravaganza -- Karl could always dance to it.

We were always glad to see Karl; he always had a smile and a handshake for everyone he met. It was great to be able to hang out with him every Sunday for the past seven years. We even hosted a Dancin' Karl Dance Your Pants Off Contest, where the winner won a pair of Karl's signature torn up jeans that he signed for the winner. He even popped out of a cake for the Dean of Rock's 40th surprise party and was happy to do it.

We missed Karl this summer at Mickey Rats. We always said that he would be back as soon he got better; he was just taking some time off. Now Karl will always be there. A little part of him will always be in front of the big tree, and he will always be looking down on us from the big dance floor above. Sunday Fundays will never be the same.

Details for a memorial service can be found here.

We will miss you, Karl. Rest in peace.