As you’ve probably noticed, we have no shortage of unhealthy obsessions around here, so you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that we have a huge crush on a corn-fed junkie were panther! Yes, a were panther. Don’t judge us. You’d be crushing on every were panther that slinked by if they all looked like Lindsay Pulsipher.

The blonde, blue-eyed actress first caught our attention playing Crystal, a hot piece of meth-addicted trailer kin who morphs into a big black cat, on HBO’s ‘True Blood.’ Pulsipher’s character never really got a chance to nab the spotlight, but that’s what happens when you’re playing an overgrown housecat a on a show about oversexed vampires. Still, Pulsipher’s natural charisma and unforgettable face (and her knack for losing her shirt on camera, like, a lot) made her a fan favorite despite her character’s lack of fangs.

You can catch Pulsipher on the tube this week playing Bill Paxton’s lovely country bumpkin daughter, Roseanna McCoy, on the gun-slinging History Channel miniseries ‘Hatfield’s & McCoys.’ Her other notable role was as a series regular on the Patrick Swayze TV vehicle ‘The Beast.’ The Salt Lake City Native has also appeared on several top-rated series, including ‘CSI: Miami,’ ‘NCIS,’ and ‘House.’ Sadly, she mostly kept her shirt on for those gigs.