Not me but if you interview anyone I have ever been with, I would bet they wished I still was.  But I digress.  Based on in-person interviews with approximately 13,500 men and women between the ages of 15 to 44, it appears the choice to abstain from sex is on the up-rise.

Diane Mapes an contributor reports that study describes who’s having sex with whom, what kind of sex they’re having, and who has yet to become sexually involved. 

Yes, virginity is apparently making a comeback and our tech team here at JACK is starting to get cocky (no pun inteneded).  To get all the dirty details CLICK HERE.

All of this, on the basketball shoe heels of star college b-ball player Brandon Davies.  He was kicked off the BYU team for having sex with his girlfriend.
The Salt Lake Tribune reports  that BYU dismissed Davies a day later for violating the school’s Honor Code – which forbids students from having premarital sex. The Cougars lost their first game without Davies, falling to New Mexico 82-64 on Wednesday.
Apparently, Davies is the only one who can score on that team.