It's not super often I get the opportunity to write something about short people (not little people) being awesome in sports and not mean it sarcastically or be talking about jockeys. But today is one of those days and it feels good, man.

#5 Spud Webb

 What he played: Basketball in the NBA (Pistons, Hawks, Kings, Timberwolves, Magic)

Height: 5 foot 6 inches

Why he's awesome: Being under 6 foot and having a serious career in the NBA would have been enough to get Spud on this list but Spud wasn't simply content with being the smallest man in the tallest sport. OH NO. He decided to enter the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, the shortest person ever to do so, and you know what? HE WON IT. How you like them apples, Shaq?

#4 Dustin Pedroia

 What he played: Major League Baseball - Boston Red Sox

Height: 5 foot 6 inches

Why he's awesome: This is pretty straight forward. It's rumored he's much shorter than his listed height of 5'6, he has a World Series Championship ring, he was the American League MVP and he's been elected to the All-Stars 3 years running. Plus he's the same age and height as me (27, 5'6 respectively) and he's a world class athlete and millionaire. And I'm writing this article, sweet.

#3 Muggsy Bogues

 What he played: Basketball in the NBA

Height: 5 foot 3 inches

Why he's awesome: Shortest player in NBA history. Look at that photo. Enough said.

#2 Doug Flutie

 What he played: NFL - Buffalo Bill Quarterback

Height: 5 foot 10 inches

Why he's awesome: Umm Flutie Flakes? Duh. Well that and the fact that when he stepped in for an injured Rob Johnson and lit it up. Leading the Bills to a 10-5 record and our last appearance in the playoffs.

#1  Nathan Gerbe

 What he played: NHL Hockey - Buffalo Sabres

Height: 5 foot 5 inches

Why he's awesome: Have you ever seen Rocky IV? Remember Ivan Drago? That dude was HUGE and when Russians aren't nearly killing people in the boxing ring, they're nearly killing people on the ice. Because if you're a huge Russian thug what sport suits you better than one that combines razor sharp blades, sticks and occasional bare fisted fist fights? That's right, there isn't one. ANYWAY...Little Nathan has been on a bender lately and by bender I mean he's been lighting up the scoreboard more than anyone else under 6 foot (note: I have no idea if this is accurate), scoring at least one goal in EACH OF THE LAST 3 games! Plus, he picks fights with the tall dude. Nathan/Napoleon whatever.