Celebrities will do anything to pimp their new movies, which is exactly what Liam Neeson did when he showed up at ESPN to promote Taken 2. Problem is, nobody told him it was a show about football. Neeson apparently didn't know they were live, and knowing nothing about football tried to stop the interview and let an S-bomb slip. The ESPN host tried to pull a Jedi mind trick to get the actor back on track by entering into a conversation about Tim Tebow. Who doesn't know anything about Tim Tebow, right? Liam Neeson doesn't know anything about Tim Tebow, that's who. He told the host that all this football talk sounded like Arabic to him. Not able to figure out how to move on the anchor continued to ask questions about what Neeson liked about the game and after awkward prodding Neeson said it was only his second football game and that he appreciated the athleticism, but didn't understand a thing he was watching. Classic Fail!!