As you may have read in my previous post, Sampler Pack.... The Best Gift To Mankind, Magic Hat is like the fortune cookie of beers. Under every cap there is a fortune, or saying, which makes opening every bottle like Christmas. Leaving you wondering "What's going to be under the cap this time?!?"

I recently have stumbled back into pure love with Magic Hat due to their surprising statements that can sometimes leave you wondering... "Is my beer trying to tell me something?!?" and No this epiphany didn't come after one too many it was actually after popping the top to my first fall featured beer of the year while tailgating at the Bills vs. Patriots game.

Magic Hat has recently released their new Fall Variety Pack and a friend of mine suggested we indulge for the game... since it was obviously going to be a good one! When I turned over my cap and read what lay beneath the top I knew my beloved Bills were going to win... "Don't be late for your fate." What an amazing start to my day.

It then, only got better when my next cap read "Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio?"... no more than 5 minutes later I hear someone yell "Nice the Yankees win!!!" (OK, OK, I know overall they lost the series, but that day they won!)... After the Bills kicked the field goal for the win, I thought to myself Magic Hat is the best beer ever!!

Send in your Magic Hat words of wisdom with stories to follow.